SpellPundit in India

SpellPundit in India

We are excited to announce that spellers in India can prepare for spelling bees using the following link: https://spellpundit.in/

SpellPundit provides excellent resources for spelling, vocabulary, and Latin/Greek roots. These resources are being used by hundreds of spellers in USA. The words are arranged by difficulty for both novice and expert spellers. The words are available in an online browser-based tool for efficient preparation.

Also, the list words for the Global Spelling Bee Championship are available at a minimum cost. You may purchase the modules by grade level using Instamojo. The online list words allow students to prepare independently without constant help from parents.

You may register your speller individually using the following link:


Please pass this information on to your family members and friends in India.

Please send an email to spellpunditIndia@gmail.com for any questions.



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