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NSF Senior Spelling Bee Results

NSF Senior Spelling Bee Results

SpellPundit students performed really well in junior and senior spelling and vocabulary contests at NSF National Finals in MIT today. For example, all of the top 10 Senior Spelling Bee winners are from SpellPundit! Congratulations!!

SpellPundit Students’ Winning Streak Continues: Summer 2018

SpellPundit Students’ Winning Streak Continues: Summer 2018

SpellPundit students’  winning streak continues! As you may know, at the 2018 Scripps Nationals, four of the top five spellers were SpellPundit Students.

2018 Scripps Spelling Bee: Karthik Nemmani (1st place), Naysa Modi (2nd place), Jashun Paluru (3rd place) and Navneet Murali (5th place) all used SpellPundit study materials.

SpellPundit students continued to win major spelling competitions this summer.

South Asian Spelling Bee (SASB)

Another SpellPundit student, Sohum Sukhatankar, won the South Asian Spelling Bee in Edison, NJ and took home a cash prize of $3,000. Sohum extensively used SpellPundit resources to prepare for this competition.

Other SASB Regional Champions and 1st Runner-Ups (Maya Jadhav, Rishik Ghandhasri, Vayun Krishna, Christopher Serrao, Srivarun Hathwar, Rohan Raja, and Nitya Kathiravan) also used SpellPundit resources to prepare for this competition.

North South Foundation (NSF)

Most of the top 10 Spelling and Vocabulary Bee ranks were achieved by SpellPundit students.

NSF Senior Spelling Bee (SSB):

NSF Junior Spelling Bee (JSB):

NSF Intermediate Vocabulary Bee (IVB):

NSF Junior Vocabulary Bee (JVB):

North America Spelling Bee Champion Challenge (NASCC)

Most of the top spellers at the North America Spelling Champion Challenge were SpellPundit students! In both the East Coast (held in Towson, MA) and West Coast (held in Riverside, CA) competitions, both the winner and runner up were SpellPundit students. These spellers acknowledge that SpellPundit resources have been invaluable in preparing for the bees!

2018 NASCC Spelling Bee East Coast: Paul Hamrick (1st place), Ashrita Gandhari (2nd place)

2018 NASCC Spelling Bee West Coast: Cameron Keith (1st place), Aisha Randhawa (2nd place)

The NASCC champions received $2,000 prize money and an all-expenses-paid trip to Beijing, China!