2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee Words Analysis

2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee Words Analysis

Last Thursday, in an amazing and unprecedented finish, the Scripps National Spelling Bee crowned EIGHT co-champions. Congratulations to all the co-champions. It was a spectacular performance and they all deserved to be co-champions.

It has been a great year for SpellPundit as well. As you can guess, most of the top spellers used SpellPundit. Out of the eight co-champions, six are SpellPundit students. Out of the 16 finalists, 13 are SpellPundit students. Out of the 50 semi-finalists, 38 are SpellPundit students. Out of the top 100, 72 are SpellPundit students. We are so happy for each and every speller who was able to improve their performance with a little help from SpellPundit.

Six out of 8 co-champions, 13 out of 16 finalists, 38 out of 50 semi-finalists and 72 out of the top 100 are SpellPundit students.

In the last few days, there were many newspaper articles and blogs on SpellPundit, wondering if SpellPundit’s innovative study tools were the reason for multiple co-champs. Most people think it is! One veteran speller analyzing whether SpellPundit “broke the Bee” summarized it as, “SpellPundit is an incredibly useful resource… Spellers are never going to stop using it, because it’s the cutting edge, so far above any competition.”

How many of the words asked in the 2019 bee are in SpellPundit Module? In 2019, 839 words were asked (excluding Round 2 as those words are given to spellers in advance) and all but 9 words are in SpellPundit modules. That means 99% of the words are in SpellPundit. There is no other website/book that even comes close to containing 99% of the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee words.

2017, 2018 and 2019 Scripps National Bee Words and their distribution in SpellPundit modules. On average, about 55% words come from Level 1, 20% words come from Level 2,  20% words come from Level 3, and the remaining 5% words come from other modules. This is real data from the last 3 years, please use this information to prioritize your study effort.

So, what are the 9 words that are missing? We have removed somewhat simpler words to decrease the overall number of words. Because of that process, six words (example: biopic) were not in the list. Also, three difficult words (Maillard (reaction), Richter (scale) & Moazagotl (cloud)) were not in SpellPundit. Scripps has never asked compound words such as Maillard (reaction), but now they have started. We have those words and we will add them to SpellPundit for the 2020 bee.

SpellPundit modules are constantly being updated, based on critical analysis, to increase your chances of winning. You just need to focus on learning words, we will do the rest for you!

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