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Spelling Bee Scholarships

Spelling Bee Scholarships

We are happy to announce that SpellPundit and Morph ( are co-sponsoring a project to help underrepresented students qualify for the prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee. The recent events in the US highlighted that some sections of the society do not have resources to reach their full potential and this new initiative is a small contribution to help the cause.

We are looking for students who have the ambition to be in the Scripps National Spelling Bee (and on ESPN) but do not have the financial resources to prepare.

This is completely free for the qualified students, who will receive the best coaching and study resources.

Please register today at

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WishWin – SpellPundit Spellathon in September

WishWin – SpellPundit Spellathon in September

The WishWin-SpellPundit Spellathon is quickly approaching!

This bee is specially designed to help your child to do well in the upcoming Scripps school spelling, district and regional, and national bees. Separate junior and senior spelling bee competitions will give a chance to compete with similar age group spellers. The preliminary written test will prove your child’s prowess in both spelling and vocabulary. The oral round bee consisting of semis and finals will give your child an opportunity to sharpen their language skills and have the opportunity to win $7,000 in prizes.

Please register your child today!

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