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About Spellpundit

SpellPundit is dedicated to provide excellent vocabulary and spelling bee word lists for school, district/county, regional and spelling bee competitions. We also provide an easy to use online software to prepare vocabulary and spelling word lists very fast.

We are a one stop website for all vocabulary and spelling competitions. With SpellPundit, you don’t need to use any other word lists for vocabulary and spelling bee competitions. Whether you are looking for school spelling bee word list, district spelling bee word list, regional spelling bee word list, or national spelling bee word list, we have them all here.

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What makes spellpundit great?

Comprehensive Word Lists

In addition to spelling, we also provide modules to prepare vocabulary, roots, homonyms, and phrased/hyphenated words.

Easy to Use

SpellPundit has a user-friendly interface that can be used in both desktop and mobile browsers, allowing for easy preparation almost anywhere in the world.

Fast and Accurate Preparation

In Testing Mode, the speller is provided with all the word’s information (audio pronunciations, part of speech, language of origin, definition) and must type in the correct spelling of the word.


All SpellPundit sets are enabled with two modes of preparation: Learning Mode and Testing Mode. In Learning Mode, the speller is provided with the word and all its information (audio pronunciations, part of speech, language of origin, definition) in a flashcard format. The word may also include a “hint,” which are usually language patterns or roots associated with the word, to facilitate their learning of the word. In Testing Mode, the speller is provided with all the word’s information (audio pronunciations, part of speech, language of origin, definition) and must type in the correct spelling of the word.

SpellPundit’s software tracks all the words a speller misspells and provides spellers with the option to review only their previously misspelled words in future attempts. Spellers are also given the option to “flag” words in each set and prepare these words separately. Reports of a speller’s progress and performance can be generated at any time so that the speller can identify words that need further preparation.

For effective learning, it is recommended that a speller studies every word through the Learning Mode before evaluating themselves through the Testing Mode. Afterwards, the speller should review the words they misspelled through the Learning Mode, then use the Testing Mode to test themselves on their mistakes.

Spelling Bee Modules are our crown jewel modules. About 100,000 likely spelling words with all the information (definition, part of speech, language of origin, diacritical marks) including audio pronunciation are available to prepare.

There are four main spelling modules, arranged by increasing difficulty. Every speller should begin with the Spelling Level 1 module, which is intended for school, district/county, regional/state and national spelling bees. The Spelling Level 2 and Level 3 modules are intended for regional/state and national spelling bees. The Spelling Level 4 module is a very advanced module intended for students who will compete at the top 50 at Scripps Nationals.

Every set in every spelling module can be prepared through SpellPundit’s Learning and Testing modes for fast and efficient preparation of words, up to a rate of several thousand words per day. At such a speed, the entire Spelling Level 1 module (with 23,000 words) can be prepared in about 5 days and all the words in the Spelling Modules can be prepared in less than one month.

The software tracks the misspelled words and will provide an option to prepare misspelled words only in future attempts. Also during the study, speller can flag some words as favorites to focus them on at a later time.

Reports can be generated at any time and the reports allow student to identify words that need additional preparation.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee and various regional spelling bees also test students on vocabulary. To help with vocabulary preparation, about 20,000 words and their meanings are provided in the SpellPundit Vocabulary Module. These sets can be practiced in both Learning Mode and Testing Mode, and SpellPundit’s software will facilitate the preparation of up to a several thousand vocabulary words per day. At this rate, vocabulary preparation for the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the North South Foundation Vocabulary Bee can be completed in a few days. Over the last three years, more than 90% of the vocabulary words asked at national competitions came from this module.

Roots are the basic building blocks of many words (especially those from Latin and Greek origins), and they play a critical role in spelling and vocabulary. In SpellPundit’s Roots Module, about 2,000 common roots from various languages are compiled. In the Learning Mode, the speller is able to see the root, its definition, its origin, along with a few example words. The Testing Mode allows the speller to quiz themselves on the definitions of these roots in a multiple-choice format. This module is important to build a strong foundation of roots for success in competitions.

Homonyms are words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and definitions. Spellers must be able to distinguish between homonyms and spell the correct one, making them some of the most confusing words asked in spelling bees. SpellPundit’s Homonym Module allows spellers to learn how to distinguish homonyms from each other and eliminate confusion! In the Learning Mode, a speller is shown all the homonyms associated with a particular word and their definitions. The Testing Mode then allows spellers to practice these words so that homonyms can be handled easily during competitions. The Homonym Module is one of the most unique and useful modules that SpellPundit provides.

Recently, the Scripps National Spelling Bee started testing spellers on phrased and hyphenated words. In the SpellPundit Phrased and Hyphenated Words Module, about 4,000 popular phrased and hyphenated words are compiled

SpellPundit can generate custom modules on request. Some examples of custom modules are words from a particular spelling bee’s list or words from a certain category (ex. cheeses, world currencies, genus names).

Modules Word Count
Level 0 Spelling 5,000
Level 1 Spelling 23,000
Level 2 Spelling 25,000
Level 3 Spelling 25,000
Level 4 Spelling 25,000
New Online Words 4,200
Vocab Easy 10,000
Vocab Difficult 10,000
Roots 2,000
Homonyms 2,000
Phrased and Hyphenated 4,000

Spellpundit Videos


SpellPundit resources are designed to prepare students for these competitions.