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Meet our SpellPundit Speller siblings – Ishika & Saanvika Varipilli

Meet our SpellPundit Speller siblings – Ishika & Saanvika Varipilli

Meet some speller siblings who are competing in the SpellPundit Online Spelling Bee!

Ishika Varipilli is a 4th grader and her younger sister, Saanvika Varipilli, is a 1st grader. They both are from Spring, TX.

Learn more about them in this video:

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SpellPundit Online Spelling Bee Competition

SpellPundit Online Spelling Bee Competition

When Scripps called off the National Spelling Bee in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, many spellers, especially students who are currently in 8th grade, were very disappointed to hear the news. SpellPundit decided to conduct our own online spelling bee in the same week of May to give these spellers a chance to compete. We have received an overwhelming response and many thank you notes from parents for planning the online competition.

The SpellPundit online spelling bee competition has also been getting a lot of media attention from Associated Press, New York Times, NPR, CBS, Scripps News, etc. Here is the latest interview with SpellPundit’s co-founders Shobha Dasari and Shourav Dasari! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUl1FT8Ke_A&feature=youtu.be

Spandana Spelling Bee

Spandana Spelling Bee

SpellPundit is proud sponsor of Spanadana Spelling Bee!

Spandana Foundation (www.spandana.org), a non-profit organization, is organizing Junior Spelling Bee (Grades 1-3), Intermediate Spelling Bee (Grades 4-5) and Senior Spelling Bee (Grades 6-8) on Sunday March 8 2020 in San Ramon, CA.

This is a very well organized bee. It is a good opportunity to test your spelling skills as you are preparing for Scripps Spelling Bee. Registration and additional information is at:

Please participate in the bee, you have nothing to lose except learn a few new words!

Please spread the word by sharing with friends and family.

SpellPundit News Articles

SpellPundit News Articles

The SpellPundit has been all over the news in the past year! This is what major newspapers have said about SpellPundit:











WishWin Spelling Bee Results

WishWin Spelling Bee Results

The WishWin Spellathon 2019 sponsored by SpelPundit was held at The University of Texas at Dallas on Dec 7th. The event was filled with many enthusiastic spellers. Both young and senior spellers had a chance to interact with Scripps National Spelling Bee champion (2018) and co-champions (2019), Karthik Nemmani, Sohum Sukhatankar, and Rohan Raja!

Here is the list of top spellers of Senior and Junior spelling bee category:

Senior Spellathon Winners:

Champion: Michael Kolagani (Austin, TX)
1st Runner-up: Vivinsha Veduru (Keller, TX)
2nd Runner-up: Shijay Sivakumar (Midland, TX)

Junior Spellathon Winners:

Champion: Arnesh Jayaram (Allen, TX)
1st Runner-up: Anirudh Kidambi (Frisco, TX)
2nd Runner-up: Siyonamithra Kandala (San Antonio, TX)
4th Place: Darsheel Paila (Dallas, TX)

The top spellers received gift vouchers of $500, $300, and $200 from SpellPundit!

Kudos to the entire team of WishWin for organizing such a great event for good cause!

WishWin is a Non-Profit Organization. WishWin’s mission is to promote academic excellence through contests, and also help underprivileged children.